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{December 12, 2009}   Love Him, Hate Him

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Ok. First off, we all know how to get a man (sexually), but do YOU really know how to keep him (mentally, physically, spiritually)? When you first meet a guy do you talk to him to deaf about past relationships, talk to him to deaf about what you want and need (I’ll tell you more about that later), talk to him about how fed up you are with “them” men because they’ve done you wrong and how you already know the game and how they think? Do you give to much of yourself to him and is extremely soft too quickly? Do you let him know within the next 30 minutes of meeting him your whole life and what you are about and give him the wrong impression of you? Better yet, put you in the “used” category as the rest? Well, if  you are the “can’t be by myself type” of woman, emotionally affectionate, easily to pamper or easy to pamper, green to his words and actions, “do whatever he wants”, or overly jealous then most likely the cause of you continuous break ups for whatever reason is right in your face and perhaps you don’t want to face the truth. Sometimes, your choice of men can be the main problem, but it all depends on WHO YOU ARE!

If you are like some whose relationships are in a deep hole and need a huge close, I gurantee Love Him, Hate Him will encourage you to communicate better, appreciate more, be truthful and understanding, and most of respectful to your loved one.

One of my favorites and I will recommend that you get it, ” The Magic of Making Up“, this book is phenomenal and it’s truly a blessing to all relationships.

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